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Pointe West Golf Club Privacy Policy

Pointe West Golf Club is committed to ensuring private information about members, guests and suppliers is used solely for the purpose of operating a premier private golf club.

Information held by the club is stored securely and released only to firms and individuals that can also ensure privacy and security.

Pointe West Golf Club will not provide confidential information regarding it’s members, guests or suppliers to any outside agencies.

Limited information may be released from time to time to related organisations to allow required services to be provided to our members. Examples of this include but are not limited to the Golf Association of Ontario and the Golf Association of Michigan.

Should you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy of Pointe West, please contact Sherry Mailloux, Accounting and Administration Manager, and Privacy Officer.

If you would like the Club to include your telephone number and your personal email address in the Club’s Roster, please complete the form displayed below.

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