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Share Ownership
Pointe West Golf Club Corp. is owned by the Corporation's Shareholders. In total, 445 Shares in Pointe West Golf Club Corp., as limited by the Club's By-law, have been issued by the Corporation since inception. Each Share Certificate has been issued for One Common Share. The 445 issued Shares and the associated assets of the Corporation are collectively owned by the Corporation's Shareholders. There are no other classes of Shares. Shareholders who purchase a Share in the Corporation do not need to maintain a membership in the Club.

While the Club no longer owns any of the Corporation's Shares, prospective Shareholders can purchase a Share from a Shareholder who is willing to sell their holding. The Club maintains a list of Shareholders who wish to sell their Share, and can act as a facilitator in the sale and transfer of a Share, providing documentation to formalize the sale and transfer, if required. The financial terms of the sale and transfer are to be determined by the selling Shareholder and purchaser.

On completion of the share sale and transfer, the new Shareholder will be charged a Share Re-Registration Fee of $250 plus HST ($282.50), to update the Corporation's Share Register, Re-Register the Share and issuance of a new Share Certificate.

Playing rights can be assigned to the spouse of a Shareholder, Junior and Intermediate Members aged 29 and under. Any capital appreciation in the value of a Share in the Club accrues solely to the Shareholder and can be realized on the sale and transfer of the Share. 

Shareholders, in addition to the rights and privileges share ownership affords, can sit on any of the Club's various Standing Committees and stand for election to the Board of Directors, provided they maintain an active golf membership in the Club.
Shareholders who purchase a Share and maintain a membership in the Club are eligible for additional financial membership rewards and benefits such as our Loyalty Credit available to our active Shareholding Members.

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