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Shareholder Membership Benefits and Incentive Programs
Membership Dues Discount - New members who purchase a Share will be eligible for a 25% Membership Dues Discount in the first and second year of membership .Their chosen membership category, in the second year of membership, must be at least equivalent to their initial membership category, otherwise the Membership Dues Discount in year one will be reversed in year two
Membership Category      
  Membership Dues   
Lump Sum Payment
25% Discount
in Year 1
New Shareholder
Dues After Discount
Adult $4,113 $1,028.25 $3,084.75
Adult Couple $6,169 $1,542.25 $4,626.75
Family $6,793 $1,698.25 $5,094.75
Senior 65-69 $3,496 $874 $2,622
Senior 70-74 $3,290 $822.50 $2,467.50
Senior 75+ $3,084 $771 $2,313
Senior Couple 65-69  $5,244  $1,311  $3,933
Senior Couple 70-74  $4,935 $1,233.75 $3,701.25
Senior Couple 75+  $4,627 $1,156.75 $3,470.25
Green Fee  $1,439 $359.75 $1,079.25
Social Golf $823 $205.75 $617.25
Intermediate 19-34* $823-$3,907 $205.75-$976.75 $617.25-$2,930.25
Junior 7-12** $294 N/A N/A
Junior 13-18 $624 N/A N/A

*Rate published for Intermediate aged 19. Membership Dues and Fees are staggered each year, increasing from 19-34 years of age  
 **Juniors must play with one of their parents or grandparents who must also be an active golfing member at the Club
Above Membership Dues are subject to H.S.T.  Additional Mandatory Fees may apply.
Previous Members should contact the Office to determine their level of incentive.
Personal Dining Memberships:

     Membership Dues 
25% Discount
In Year 1
New Shareholder
Dues After Discount
Social Dining - Single           $175  $43.75 $131.25
Social Dining - Couple $250  $62.50 $187.50
Above Membership Dues are subject to H.S.T.   
Shareholder Member Spending Credit - Shareholders who maintain a membership in the Club receive a 5.0% Spending Credit, (before HST), on all spending at the Club, other than their Annual Membership Dues and Mandatory Fees.
In addition, for events that an active Shareholder Member is a key part in bringing to the Club such as; family weddings, golf tournaments, or Christmas parties etc. the referring Shareholder Member will be entitled to a referral Spending Credit of 2.0%, (before HST).
Share Lease Arrangement - A Shareholder who owns two or more Shares in the Corporation, and maintains an active membership under any of their shares, can choose to "lease" the extra Share(s) to an individual or corporation who has not been a Member at the Club IN the past three years. The Shareholder Member will receive a 10% Referral Fee to their account based on the Membership Dues collected from the new leasing Member, in each and every year that Share is leased. 

Additional details on the Shareholder Membership Dues Discount, Shareholder Member Spending Credit and Share Lease Arrangement can be obtained by contacting the Club Office at (519) 736-8623 Extension 10.
Discounted Corporate Golf Memberships Rates are available on request.

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